Electronica 2018 - November 13 –16, 2018  Messe München, Germany

UBC150 @ Electronica 2018 in hall B6 booth 404  courtesy of  WURTH ELEKTRONIK

UBC150, acronym for Universal Battery Charger, is a universal scalable platform to recharge any type of primary battery, Lithium cells with BMS but also standard lead-acid batteries. 

UBC150 has been designed by FzPro in collaboration with Microchip and Wurth Elektronik, mainly as a universal platform with the possibility of being scaled in power while the control and the user interface remain unchanged. UBC150 performs several functions including datalogger of primary battery energy management data during charging. These data can then be stored on personal computer for a qualitative system analysis. Another important feature is communication with an external BMS via CANBUS protocol to optimize charging of Lithium batteries

UBC150 is a complete battery charger with active PFC and Half Bridge ZVS converter, totally controlled by Microchip PIC16 Core Independent Peripheral Microcontroller in the primary stage, and PIC18 series Microcontroller to manage charging process, CANBUS protocol and user interface via USB, in the secondary side. Other features are complete EMI Filter with in-rush limiter, smart auxiliary power supply to obtain very low standby input current, mikroBUS™ to expand communication capabilities (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

Ferrara 17/03/2018